Saturday, August 12, 2006

well summers almost over . for sum of us it is . i start skool on the 21. ya it sux i tink sence if lived here. well now im in ohio visiting family and i had a wedding to go to . it was koool. i got to dace with someone. he was hott . iv went to football practice. there was some hott people there too. ......... now where havin a party today in lk 5 minetes but ill write after its gunna be lk really kool a bunch of the football people are gunna be here and someof them of really hott . lk ya well im g8unnna go well not quite . so what yiou guys been up 2 ? nothing much well leave me some comment cuze il you all well ok buh bye gor now Alexis Loves You to beoches